Solar Battery system 

About Solar Battery 

As an external storage system to the solar panel system, the solar battery stores the extra power generated by solar during the day. It will discharge the power during the night time.

The solar battery system will make you more grid-independent and save you thousands of dollars.  

Who needs a solar battery system

The solar storage system will bring you a great return on investment if you have a big power bill that is more than $700 bi-monthly and the majority of your power usage is during the nighttime. 

Rather than exporting your excess solar energy to the grid for a small feed-in-tariff (around 4 - 5 cents per unit in WA), your solar panel system will cover your daytime power usage and the battery will cover partial or entire power usage during the night time. 

Benefits of Solar Batteries for the home

  • Significant Electricity Savings

    • A solar battery system has the potential to bring savings that up to $5000 per annum​

  • Energy Arbitrage

    • If you choose a Time of Use Tariff (Synergy Smart Home Plan), a solar battery system can help you to take advantage of energy arbitrage. By charging your battery using excess solar power or during off-peak hours and using your own stored electricity during peak rate, you'll end up benefiting from the rate difference and save a lot of money

  • Back up Power (optional upgrade)

    • During a blackout, there is no electricity from the grid to your house, the battery will supply energy to important electrical devices such as lights, fridges, and computers.​

What you will get

  Up to 22 * 370W Tier 1 Solar panels

√  1 * 5kW Sofar HYD-5000-ES Hybrid inverter

√  Build-in Smart Meter

√  CT export limit device 

√  1 * Amasstore Battery GTX5000, 5.12 kWh      battery (optional to add maximum 4                  batteries, total capacity is 20.48kWh)

√  Emergency Power Supply(EPS) device            (optional)

√  Mounting Kit

√  CEC accredited designer and installer

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