Residential Solar

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Up to $4429 Government Rebate

Up to $4500 savings per annum

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What does solar bring to you in 2021?

STCs rebates up to $4,256

Drop up to $4000 per annum of your power bill (with battery storage system)

High return on investment - over 35%

Increase the value of your property

More energy independence 

Building a better environment 

Why you should install solar now?

Australian government has the strongest financial support for renewable energy to reduce carbon footprint.

If you install a solar system today (2021), it is subsidized by a federal government scheme worth about $540 per kW installed. If you installed a 6.6kW system, the subsidy is around $3,596.4. 

In other words, the federal government pays nearly half to your solar system. 

However, the subsidy will reduce by 10% every year and you will totally lose the subsidy in 2030.

What Receiving government rebates, making power bills lower, and reducing the carbon footprint " 

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