Solar panels installed on a roof of a large industrial building or a warehouse. Industrial
  • No Upfront Solar installation

  • Cash flow positive from Day 1

  • Up to 85% Savings on Energy Bill

  • Low Maintenance and High Reliability

Commercial Solar Rental

Why switch solar to your business?

Business owners will benefit the most from Solar Panel systems with no Upfront Cost at all !!

Australian businesses consume a big chunk of their power during the day and it is when solar panels are generating energy. 

Solar energy will directly supply the energy consumption during the day and make the future power bill super low.

Why Solar Rental?

  • No Upfront Cost

  • Cash Flow Positive Guaranteed

  • Reduce Operational Cost

  • Tax-deductible

  • Tier 1 Premium Quality 

  • Qualified CEC accredited Designer & Installer

Commercial Solar Gallery

Not sure how big the system you need?

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